Being a Tantric Goddess

Pensive Women - 400WWhy study Tantra?

Did you know that the ancient lineages of tantra were passed on by female tantrikas?

Women are naturally tantric.

We are naturally holistic, connecting to all, feeling our intuition, connecting to divine energy. This is very feminine energy (in all genders), but it manifests very naturally in women.

The study of tantra takes us back to our feminine roots. We connect with our divine feminine wisdom, our stillness, our depth… and at the same time, we are allowed to access our wild chaos, our mystery and our connection to creation!

The study of tantra tends to mostly be the “unlearning” of everything we think we know about being a woman – with ourselves, in relationship and especially sexually.

We have lived in a patriarchal society for a long time, so even our femininity has been skewed to simply serve the masculine instead of being in healthy balance. Deep down, we know what is amok. We know what we desire. We know what feels right. But we don’t necessarily have the words to describe what we want.

Tantra gives us this presence. It gives us the words to describe what our soul knows is true. It helps us to make the subtle (or big) shifts in our lives so that our divine feminine shines and we get to live in this beautiful flow every day.

This course helps us to create a new foundation for relationships and sexuality because the old foundation wasn’t based on love. For centuries, we have gotten married according to rules set out by the church, arranged marriages by families, wanting to move away from home, or to simply be free. And the woman particularly was considered chattel. She was “owned” by the husband. She is literally “given” by her father to the new man and he is given money and land to take care of her… hence all the promises of “till death do you part”.

Many of us have escaped a lot of this “ownership”… but this sense still lurks beneath the surface in many, many relationships – even with incredibly strong, independent women.

It is time to create a new foundation where we come together as equals, as whole, complete souls and then we choose to unite to explore something deep and interesting!

If you are interested in exploring tantra, please click on the link below. You definitely do not need a partner (in fact, I recommend doing it without a partner first). There are two versions of the course – one for individuals and one for partners.

The beautiful thing is that you will know if it is on path for you… trusting your divine feminine knowing…


Foundations for Tantric Intimacy

This 8-week online course teaches us how to BECOME tantric in all of our relationships
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