Why Become a Mystic?

Shakti-Goddess-DancingA mystic is someone who listens for divine guidance in each moment.

All religions have their mystics. While most of the religious thought was about honouring a book or teacher, the mystics desired a “direct experience of God”. They were perpetually seeking the divine in every part of life. They were always listening for guidance.

Whatever our gender, this is the feminine path of listening to deeper, divine wisdom. When we live from this place, we have incredible confidence because we know that we are tuned in to “a higher power”.

Can you picture the goddess who is tuned in in this way? What does she look like? What do you feel from her?

Strength. Confidence. Peace. Stillness. Freedom to be wild. Wisdom. Living in the moment.

And when we are in this place, we are completely radiant… All stemming from this deep, inner knowing.

This course guides you through the process of listening to your deepest wisdom. It introduces us to the ancient mystics who have experienced the divine in so many ways – through meditation, ecstatic dance, prayer, service, song, and every other way you can imagine.

If you feel that this might be on your path, please click on the link below and see if it’s for you.


Path of the Mystic Course

8-week Online Course
To deepen your intuition, find your centre and live from a divinely guided place!
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