My Journey to Goddess

I am so passionate about sharing, teaching and exploring women’s journey to becoming the goddesses that we truly are…

I have been the good daughter… My mom was wonderful. She was an angel. She was everything that a woman was supposed to be. She was always kind. She didn’t rock the boat. She was always there for you. She never said no.  She was always smiling and she never let on that anything was ever wrong inside. She was incredible..

And like all the other women in my family, she died of breast cancer when I was 25. Why?

Katrina BosI was a good wife. I did my job. I pleased my husband. I was nice to his parents. I had sex whenever he wanted it. I gave up my community and career to move to be with him. I never rocked the boat. I never said no.

I was a great mom. I was always kind. I was loving. I did everything for them. They were my life. I loved them so much…

And I got breast lumps when I was 29… Just like my mom… And things had to change…

Through many, many dark nights of the soul, a lot of tears, confusion and honestly terrible times, I searched my soul for whatever it was that was making me so unhappy inside.. The truth was that as happy as I was appearing to be, it was all an act. Yes, there were things I was happy about. I truly loved my husband and children.. But deep down, I was completely alone. I didn’t share my problems, so no one knew what was going on.. I felt alone.

I didn’t think my feelings mattered, so I kept them to myself.

I couldn’t find my voice to speak up and stand my ground when things weren’t right, so I fell into despair..

I felt completely trapped, doing everything “right”, but desperately unhappy…

IMG_1146Over the next 20 years, a hundred things changed. I had a miraculous healing which I eventually wrote a book about called, “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?”.

I was more honest in my marriage. I was more honest with everyone.

I became a strong mom. I became the rock and sanctuary for my children and it nourished me deeply.

I lived intuitively and divinely-guided and miracles started happening all around me. My family and friends just got used to “Katrina’s World” where bizarre and amazing things always happened.

I went back to school, opened a dance studio, taught yoga & meditation, renovated a train station, taught in shelters, hospitals and businesses.  I counselled, danced, travelled, and built skate parks.

And then I discovered tantra… All of the changes and growth that had happened up until this point had paved the way for the incredible strength, beauty and power that tantra brought me.

I truly FELT what it was to be a goddess… what happens when our deepest heart is satisfied and we radiate love for a million miles in every direction.


I experienced true divine love-making… I found out that our yoni (vagina+++) is an articulate collection of wisdom, hundreds of muscles and abilities that we have no idea about… That she (my yoni) can actually manipulate a penis without my conscious intent… That we can become completely and utterly orgasmic connecting us with the divine, the earth and everything in between.

And if a man is paying attention, he can come with us…

IMG_6486And so, I am incredibly passionate about sharing this journey and all of the incredible possibilities that there are with the world.

The world needs us to rise as the goddesses that we are.

We need to know what the sacred, strong feminine REALLY is and we need to love and embody every second of it!

This is my passion.

We are all already divine goddesses… 

Now it’s time for the unveiling!!!